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The Carpenter’s Project assists local churches in foreign lands with their building needs. Once the congregation purchases land, saves a portion of the building cost, and develops a construction plan, The Carpenter’s Project assists them in purchasing building materials. To keep costs at a minimum, the congregation often supplies at least part of the labor. As gifts are received from our supporters, materials are purchased.

The materials used in these projects and the total cost of the building vary widely by country. Some church buildings are completed for just a few thousand dollars, but most range from $10,000 to $25,000. Thus far, donors to The Carpenter’s Project have funded the construction of more than 80 church buildings in 15 countries.

Our Current project is located in Myanmar

Myanmar (previously Burma) until 1937 was a province of India. At that time, it became a self-governing colony under British rule. Although it received its independence in 1948, a military junta controlled the country until 2015.
Nestled between India, South China, and Thailand, Burma is slightly smaller than Texas and boasts a population of more than 51 million. Life expectancy is 55 years. 28% are under the age of 14. Buddhists comprise 90% of the population and Christians represent just 4%. Foreign missionaries are not permitted to evangelize nor establish permanent residency, therefore, nearly all evangelistic efforts must be done by nationals.

Since 2000, a spiritual revival has occurred in many parts of the country. Scores of young adults are answering God's call to full time ministry, and several Bible colleges have been established to train these men and women.
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Our Current project is to help Faith Baptist Church & Seminary complete a new building in Kalaymyo.
Kalaymyo is in Sagaing Division, a western state and has a population of 400,000. It is one of Myanmar’s fastest growing areas of fundamental Christianity (mostly Baptist) and estimates run as high as 40% of the people in this area who identify themselves as Christian.

We are very familiar with Faith Baptist Church & Seminary. For almost ten years The Carpenter’s Project has partnered with them by providing assistance in constructing dormitories for its men and women. For the 2016 school year the Bible College and Seminary has an enrollment of 57 students. Most of its graduates become missionary church planters, evangelists, or go into other full-time Christian ministry. Nine graduates are enrolled in our Timothy Project church planting program.
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Undersized facilities has slowed growth of both the church and the school. The Bible College desperately needs more classrooms and the church needs a larger place of worship. Although they do not have all the funds they need, by faith they broke ground and started on a two story 30’x72’ building. On one floor, an auditorium with a seating capacity of 300 will be used for worship services. On the other floor, classrooms will provide much needed space for both Sunday School and college classes.

This building will cost $37,000. They have raised $18,000 themselves but need $19,000 more. They are praying that somehow, God will provide the remainder. Would you join us in prayer that God will provide the rest of the funds for this project?

These Christian brothers have a Jeremiah 33:3 attitude and expect God to do great and mighty things in their difficult area. If Myanmar is to be won for Christ, it will be done by her people. God is raising up men and women to take the gospel into Myanmar but their resources are limited. Pray that God will provide the necessities for these brothers and sisters to minister effectively.
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Churches have been constructed in Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria.
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Churches have been constructed in Haiti, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Nicaragua.


Churches have been constructed in Cambodia, India, Bali (Indonesia), Myanmar (Burma), and Philippines.
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