Although the Philippines is comprised of more than 7,100 islands, it's only slightly larger than the State of Arizona. Nearly 75% of the country is mountainous with active volcanoes and subject to landslides, earthquakes and cyclonic storms. Yet the Philippines is home to more than 96 million residents.

The Filipino people are very religious. The Philippines is one of the largest Catholic countries on earth, but many cults and false religions flourish. Large numbers of Catholics are influenced by animism and witchcraft, several charismatic networks have large numbers of followers more influenced by superstition than scripture, and for many others, salvation is by works rather than grace.

Yet, there is strong growth in doctrinally sound churches, and the Filipino church is becoming a significant missionary-sending church. With their cultural flexibility, simple life-style and use of English, the potential is great for reaching mainland Asia through Filipino missionaries.

The Carpenter's Project has partnered with various Filipino ministries in church construction projects and continues to cooperate in the evangelistic efforts of their independent Baptist church fellowship.