Church Planting Projects

The greatest concentration of un-evangelized people groups lies within an area termed the 10-40 Window. Within this region poverty can be extreme and the local culture difficult to penetrate. Christian persecution is widespread and often severe.
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Less than 10% of all US missionaries minister in 10-40 countries. Yet, Christianity is growing more rapidly in the 10-40 than anywhere else in the world through indigenous ministries. Working through seven African and Asian Bible colleges, The Carpenter’s Project offers two programs to help national missionaries get started planting a new church.

The Timothy Project

The Timothy Project provides temporary financial support to Bible college graduates called to plant a church. Most recipients are called to rural areas where there is little opportunity of employment.
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Through our partnership with five indigenous Bible colleges and institutes, we see a steady flow of graduates going into East Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and to undisclosed areas. These men enter the mission field with no financial backing and at great personal sacrifice.

Support typically begins at $100 per month and is temporary. Each year support is reduced 20% and expires at the conclusion of the 5th year. Our Timothy Project pastors are encouraged to teach grace giving principles with the objective to make the local church self-supporting.
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Would you prayerfully consider helping a church planter through the Timothy Project? A gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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The Tentmaker Project

The Tentmaker Project provides two year scholarships to a vocational school to Bible college graduates who wish to enter the mission field with a specialized skill. This is especially helpful to missionaries called to minister in industrialized cities of Asia and Africa.
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Traditionally, foreign nationals come to the US seeking permanent monthly support. The Tentmaker Project equips missionaries with a job skill that will provide financial stability and allow them to by-pass deputation in American churches.
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The Tentmaker project provides Bible college graduates scholarships to certified two year vocational schools. Tuition is typically $250/semester. While in school, Tentmaker students spend weekends presenting their call to ministry in churches in their homeland. And upon graduation, Tentmaker missionaries will be Biblically prepared, vocationally trained and require minimal regular monthly support.

Would you prayerfully consider helping a church planter through the Tentmaker Project? For a $1,000 investment one missionary can be trained, but a gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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