Indonesia is comprised of 4,000 inhabited islands straddling the equator from the Indian to the Pacific Oceans. Indonesia is the world's most populated Muslim country. It is also the 4th largest country in the world, and one of the most un-evangelized nations on earth. The Balinese have been in the grip of Satan for thousands of years. There are places in this world that are as spiritually dark, but there are none darker.

Bali is one of 33 Indonesian provinces, and it is Indonesia's most popular tourist destination. Its land area is more than 4,500 sq miles, and there are several active volcanoes on the island. Bali's 3.2 million residents are mostly Hindu (93%) and Muslim (6%). There are few Christians. For the Balinese, the cost of accepting Christ is high. Converts often face ostracism, persecution, and financial loss when they break from their family's and community's way of life.

There are few established independent Baptist churches on the island, and one, The First Independent Baptist Church of Singaraja, approached The Carpenter's Project seeking help to have a building for worship.

The congregation purchased property having an old building. They leveled it, but saved the foundation and rebuilt the church upon it. The Carpenter's Project assisted them in purchasing the materials for the project.