During the civil war in Liberia, a large number of Liberians were given refuge in Ghana (West Africa) near missionary Mike Taylor.

When Brother Taylor began to visit the refugee camp to do evangelism, he discovered that several families had attended a Baptist church in Liberia before their civil war. Brother Taylor then began to bus them to his church each week, and within a few months, three of the men surrendered for the ministry.

When the United Nations later moved the refugees to another camp almost two hours from Brother Taylor's church, the three men who had surrendered for the ministry decided they would continue worship services on their own. Pooling their money, they erected the shelter pictured here.

Impressed by their sacrificial attitude, Brother Taylor then contacted The Carpenter's Project to see if we could help. We did, and with just another $500 in materials, the refugees built side walls, added a concrete the floor, and a few lights.