Until 1937, Burma was a province of India. At that time, it became a self-governing colony under British rule. Although it later received its independence in 1948, a military junta maintains political power.

Nestled between India, South China, and Thailand, Burma is slightly smaller than Texas and boasts a population of more than 42 million. Life expectancy is 55 years. 28% are under the age of 14. Burma's economy is primarily agricultural and inflation in 2002 exceeded 50%.

Buddhists comprise 90% of the population. Christians and Muslims each claim to represent 4%. Foreign missionaries are not permitted to evangelize nor establish permanent residency, therefore, nearly all evangelistic efforts must be done by nationals.

Since 2000, a spiritual revival has occurred in many parts of the country. Scores of young adults are answering God's call to full time ministry, and several Bible colleges have been established to meet the need.

Graduates from these schools have established dozens of new churches throughout the country that meet in homes and rented facilities. As congregations grow, larger places of worship are needed, and thus far, The Carpenter's Project has partnered in the construction of more than twenty buildings.

Many more buildings are needed and we continue to remain active in the country.