Nicaragua, approximately the size of Indiana, has the third lowest per capita income in the western hemisphere.

Forty percent of its nearly six million citizens are under the age of 15 and one third of its adults are illiterate. In the rural regions, unemployment approaches 70%. Nationwide, half live in poverty fighting 11% annual inflation.

In rural areas death by starvation is common. The people of Nicaragua also hunger for spiritual food. Although 73% of its people claim to be Roman Catholic, few attend church with any regularity. Deep in the mountainous interior north and west of Managua, are numerous villages of 500 to a few thousand people where there is no gospel witness.

Sandinista party leader, Daniel Ortega recently returned to power. His socialist policies and distrust of the US government casts doubt over the long term freedom of foreign missionaries to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nicaraguan people.

In recent years, we have completed both a church building and a medical clinic.