African Countries with Carpenter's Projects


Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa. Although Ethiopia is the economic and political center of East Africa, it is one of the poorest nations on earth. Ethiopians enjoy religious freedom, but large numbers of Muslim immigrants from Somalia and Sudan threaten that freedom.
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Ghana is a Christian nation with religious freedom, but few attend church. Most have little Bible knowledge and embrace traditional animist views.

The Muslim minority (24%) has been successful to use that ignorance and the freedom of religion to aggressively promote Islam. Mosques are springing up everywhere and Islam is becoming a dominant force in politics.


Liberia is Black Africa's first independent state. It was settled by Americans and founded as a Christian country, but today most Liberians follow the occult and Islam. Christians are a small minority.

Missionaries have had a long, hard struggle to plant churches. Disease, extreme poverty, widespread unemployment, language diversity, and civil war have hampered the work.
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Malawi faces serious challenges such as poverty, high population growth, high levels of debt, AIDS, and unemployment.

Although mostly Christian, Malawi’s Muslim minority receives enormous amounts of money from Middle Eastern countries for the construction of mosques, schools, and medical clinics. Clearly, Malawi is in the crosshairs of Islam.


Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. Life in Nigeria is difficult. Seventy percent live in poverty, and life expectancy is slightly less than 50 years. The people struggle to have enough to eat, and many children are under nourished. Malaria, typhoid, dysentery, lice and leprosy are common serious diseases.

Nigeria is composed of more than 25 ethnic groups. Half of the are Muslim. Forty percent are Christian, and the remainder claim various indigenous tribal beliefs.

The northern portion of Nigeria is Muslim. Christians are concentrated in its southern states. Nigerians are very receptive to the Gospel, however Muslims are aggressively evangelizing the south. Several states in the north have adopted Islamic law. They are very militant and have already killed thousands of Christians and burned many churches.
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