Asian Countries with Carpenter's Projects

Bali (Indonesia)

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Indonesia is comprised of 4,000 inhabited islands straddling the equator from the Indian to the Pacific Oceans. Indonesia is the world's most populated Muslim country. It is also the 4th largest country in the world, and one of the most un-evangelized nations on earth. The Balinese have been in the grip of Satan for thousands of years. There are many places in the world that are as spiritually dark, but there are none darker.

Bali is one of 33 Indonesian provinces. Bali's 3.2 million residents are mostly Hindu (93%) and Muslim (6%).


In one of the most savage slaughters of the 20th century, the Khmer Rouge attempted to eliminate all religion from Cambodian society. Targeted for death were the educated, former civil servants, and all people of faith. In the end, millions perished including nearly all Christians. Now that there is increasing freedom of religion, the gospel is being reintroduced to the Cambodian people.
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India is the world's second most populated country (four times larger than the US).
Although Hinduism is practiced by 80% of the people, India is possesses a large Muslim minority. Hindu extremism has severely limited the spread of the gospel and persecution of Christians is growing rapidly.

India has more, and larger people groups with no Christians, churches, or workers than any other part of the world. No other part of the world has such a concentration of unevangelized people.

Myanmar (Previously Burma)

Until 1937, Burma was a province of India. At that time, it became a self-governing colony under British rule. Although it later received its independence in 1948, a military junta maintains political power. Buddhists comprise 90% of the population. The remainder is mostly Muslim.

Foreign missionaries are not permitted to evangelize nor establish permanent residency, therefore, nearly all evangelistic efforts must be done by nationals.
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The Filipino people are very religious. The Philippines is one of the largest Catholic countries on earth, but many cults and false religions flourish. Large numbers of Catholics are influenced by animism and witchcraft, and several charismatic networks have large numbers of followers.

Yet, there is strong growth in doctrinally sound churches, and those churches are sending significant numbers of missionaries into mainland Asia.